Thursday, October 1, 2020

Doing nothing is going backwards

 As we advance in history we see people taring down statues of Confederate history, screaming black lives matter and pushing Jewish propaganda through schools by making holocaust education a requirement. What then do we do for white people? There is no white history month, we don't get to celebrate an entire month of our skin color. I really respect people like the NSM (national socialist movement) and the KKK (ku klux Klan) cause they always show up to rally, always do live radio shows, throw huge cookouts and educate their people. They run groups like the weak one antifa and black lives matter out of their neighborhoods. If we sit back and do nothing we are a part of the problem. Action must be taken. George rockwell spoke at universitys, publically, had rally the whole 9. If we dont do the same we are only hurting ourselves

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Martin luther king jr was a fraud

 Martin Luther King Jr.  was as fake as they come. He cheated on his wife multiple times which obviously doesn't match the character he was trying to paint in public. How can anyone be a leader and not be true to his own people let alone wife. Dozens of women is what caught the eye of Martin Luther King Jr. He was as fake as they come as unloyal as they get and he got exactly what he had coming to him in my humble opinion. 


 There is 109 countries jews are banned from. This says a lot about them as a whole. Obviously they seem to cause problems everywhere they go which isnt suprising at all. They run banks media businesses and save every penny and control much of the world so if you dare rise against them they label you a bigot and try to destroy your life. They sold their own people out during the holocaust and turned their own people jn because they have no sense of loyalty or community. Jews literally cause issues and push their Jewish non sense on everyone else every where they go. They are not welcome to many places cause they're parasites of society. Now they push their Jewish propaganda on everyone around them and feel you must feel bad for them or your somehow the problem. I'll never bow down to such trash. 

Black murder

Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff had drawn on FBI crime statistics for 2016 in support of the proposition that “of 776 black-white homicides, blacks committed 533 and whites 243.” I ended the paragraph with my own observation: “Neither of these numbers, by the way, nor their combined total, comes anywhere close to the number of blacks killed by blacks: a staggering 2,570 — the overwhelming majority male.” In simpler words blacks lobe killing their own. How then do we deal with non sense groups like BLM? Blacks are at an all time high for crime on their own people yet here we are cleaning up all their messes. We took down statues, pay out millions maybe billions a year for welfare, can't use certain words and the list could go on an on. Blacks have been the parasite of America since their arrival after their own people sold eachother. Blacks have been betraying one another since the beginning of time and blaming the police and white people taking 0 responsibility for their own pathetic waste of lives. In Chicago 500 people a year die to violence thats almost 40 people a month and 90 percent of it is black people killing other black people. They're so fast to blame whites gor slavery but forget they sold their people to us. They claim systematic racism although black people have jobs and work in the system. They claim cops are brutal to them when they're brutal to their own. They claim cops kill tons of black men when in fact more whites die every year by cops than any other race. Blacks just refuse to own their own garbage this is why they'll never arise or "overcome" anything. 


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Being prepared to die is one of the great secrets to living

 Being prepared to die is one of the secrets to living. These words where spoken by the great George Lincoln Rockwell himself. What are you willing to die for ? Race? Country? Family? Me I'd say all of these as far as myself is concerned. If you can't say that then your nothing less then cowardly at best. White people have been giving more and more sympathy to self victimized Jews and blacks to whom we owe nothing at all. White people came to America and did amazing things, created new inventions, helped further science, helped build automobiles, advance medicines and architectural structures. We came from poverty and brokeness like anyone from any other race and chose to flourish and become conquerors not use 1000 excuses. Blacks and Jews cannot say the same. These people are not our friends. They are in fact our enemys who want to drive us from our lands, family's, businesses, and homes. What are you ready to live for? What are you ready to die for? I will defend our beautiful aryan race at all costs. If we don't protect our own who will? Its time to come together as whites and stand up to these communist terrorist. No matter the cost. 


Friday, September 11, 2020

Nobody kills black people more then black people

 according to the Washington Post. From the FBI's Universal Crime Report in 2014; 90% of Black people killed were killed by other Black people and 14.8% of white people killed were killed by Black people.

The phrase is not only used by white people but also by some Black people calling out crime in their "communities".

John Ayala reportedly used the phrase after his grandson, 11-year-old Davon McNeal, was fatally shot during a Fourth of July cookout in Washington, D.C., according to The Associated Press. The family is Black, as per Ayala's social media, as are the suspects in McNeal's death. FBI crime statistics for 2016 in support of the proposition that of 776 black-white homicides, blacks committed 533 and whites 243. In 2016 there were an estimated 17,250 murders in the United States that year. In 7,881 of these, the victim was black. Black people arr responsible for most of the murders and pain in their own communities. The blm movement needs to gix their own monkey issue begore worrying about police shooting their very evidently criminal people who seem to enjoy killing their own kind. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

George Lincoln Rockwell the American hero.

 George Lincoln Rockwell created the American Nazi party for whites to have a safe haven of their own and to be able to express their beliefs. He was a well spoken man with alot of knowledge and conviction. Mr. Rockwell is my historical hero and he stood up to the injustices of the blacks and jews who ultimately want to destroy the white aryan race. Today those same groups still want to destroy us. Mr Rockwell will forever live in our hearts memories and history. Long live the Anp