Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Why i can't stand blacks

 Blacks seem to be the worst type of "human beings" if you can even call them that. Theyve declared war on their own people since the beginning of time. They blame whites for slavery while ignoring their own people in their land of orgin sold them to the white man. They are in america now and do so much black on black crime the statistics are outrageous yet blame the white man for their issues. They take 0 accountability for their issues they seem to bring down on themselves.  They have the highest absent father rate, highest reoffender rate, make up for 50 percent of the crimes in America and the list can go on and on. Basically theyre the most worthless race known to mankind. All in all i encourage any reader to research the rate of failure in black communities and youll learn for yourself


Monday, August 9, 2021

Mixing races and the problems to become

 Health and science professionals ran a study that investigated problems and risks that come with mixing races. They did the study on adolescent chidren of 2 or more races.  "Mixed-race adolescents showed higher risk when compared with single-race adolescents on general health questions, school experience, smoking and drinking, and other risk variables." Says the american public  health association. The sudy found that children of mixed races struggle much more greatly with self esteem,identity formation, emotional issues, as well as behavior problems. Mixing races is absoultey disgusting anyway. It kills off 2 completely seperate races. White people come from the best race in the world. We made america what it is. There would be no history without us. We conquer all we come across. Mixing races is a shameful and disgusting thing. We werent designed to breed with the less superior races. Theres so much risk cause even nature doesnt agree with it. Below ill leave severl links for you to look at on mixing races and the health risks that may unfold from doing such vile things. White is right and if its not white its not right. White  power !





Sunday, August 8, 2021


 Time.com is very much against white people. They have several articles saying white people should be sorry blah blah typical leftist bullshit. I'm white and I'm proud. We took america through violence. We took slaves and made them our tools. We are conquers and for that I feel no shame or regret. Time.com seems to always have some shit to say against the white race so for time.com we have a response go fuck yourself. If your white and sick of the guilt people try pushing on you for being that stand your ground at all cost! We are white! We are the superior race in finance, family success, fatherhood, job success and much more. Feel no shame! Say it loud say it proud! White power! 

Monday, June 28, 2021

George Floyd

 We took down statues across America of Confederate history because people feel its "racist" or "offensive". Robert E.Lee made history and his statue is gone now george floyd has a statue in his memory. What is george known for? Being an innocent black man who was brutally killed? Or maybe a junkie who abused fentanyl? Or a criminal who indeed for a fact rob a pregnant woman at gun point. So what are we doing raising a statue of a woman attacking junkie who couldn't respect police but taking down statues of men who died over 100 years ago making american history? White people need to stand up to this garbage and say no more. George floyd got exactly what he deserved. If I had a choice I'd bring him back to life just to publically have him lynched cause he's no better than a dog with fleas. Now his fleas just happened to get all over american soil. May he rot in shit. Stay white stay proud. Dont forget true heros. 

Friday, April 23, 2021

Police brutality on blacks

 There is a flase narrative in America that black people are being targeted by police and killed for simply being black. Theres is a false narrative that white people who kill get arrested while unarmed blacks get murdered by police. Chevonne Thomas killed her son sabre thomas high on pcp and decapitated her child after losing him 2 times already due to her drug use. She later killed herself. Samuel little confessed to 93 murders between 1970 and the 2000s and is in custody now. Jonathan Robinson shot at police and killed rannita Williams on 4 12 2018 on Facebook live and was taken into custody. Sierra day killed amd abused her own daughter. Michelle Blair killed 2 of her kids and stuffed their bodies in a freezer. All of these were black on black crime. Most involved weapons and murder. None of the attackers/criminals were killed by police. I could go on and on with tons of these examples. So where is the terrorist Blm group when all these things happen? Where are the protests? When do they actually care about black lives? 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Ma'Khia Bryant

 Makita Bryant was a 16 year old thug. Shes painted out to be an innocent hero like most blm "saints". This is far from true. She was attacking 2 other girls with a knife and an elderly woman. She refused to put a weapon down as she was trying to kill 2 people and forced the police to protect others by shooting her. She died due to her choices and rightfully so.  I just want to say this is glorious now that there is one less criminal trying to kill people out there on the streets of Ohio. We won't say her name. She wont be remembered as anything more then a dumb girl who got what she deserved. Good job officers ! 

Sunday, January 3, 2021


 Let's talk about immigration...the San Francisco times estimates 375,000 illegals come in every year. They get free health insurance and full benefits for breaking the law. Guess who foots the bill for them? Thats right you and I. Our taxes go up, our jobs get stolen, our safety becomes threatened and alot of these foreigners are criminals, gang members and drug dealers. Why in the world would anyone want to foot the bill for these parasites.? We need to stand against this some way some how. I refuse to help illegals out. White America is being given a crap sandwich and being expected to take a huge bite out of it. Theres are codes and statues that specifically forbid illegals to hop that boarder and come here and those lawa are there for a reason. It makes it harder for white america to survive and take care of the people we love as well as ourselves. Drug traffickers, sex offenders, murderers, pedophiles and many other things not good in nature come crawling through here every year and it its poisoning this great nation.